Susan Walsh

5. Susan Walsh- various prints


Sue Walsh has an ecoprinting and dyeing studio in Cawton. Her inspiration comes from the local landscape and flora. Leaves and flowers leave a contact print or ‘ecoprint’ on natural fabrics through heat and pressure. Natural dyes can be included in the process. She makes wearable pieces, wall-hangings, cushions, lampshades and journals.


Pasture House, Cawton, York. YO62 4LW

Price Range

£3 - £500


Cawton can be reached from Stonegrave, or Gilling East, taking the signed turn in both. Once in the village, Pasture House is on the right coming from Stonegrave, after the sharp bend, or on the left from Gilling, before the sharp bend.


There is space for a few cars [4-5] on the drive in front of house, or outside on grass


tricky for wheelchairs as there is gravel, and a step up to the house


yes a downstairs toilet


Studio experience

My aim is to engage visitors with the natural world through my botanical prints and to communicate what inspires me. I am passionate about native flora, and most of the work displayed will be textiles printed and dyed with local foliage and plants. Visitors will be able to see various aspects of the work I do at different stages, demonstrating:  the ecoprint studio – the equipment I use; preparing natural fabrics for printing; laying out a design; bundles of pre-prepared fabric to open after steaming, revealing the prints from the foliage; making dyebath; looking at garden plants and identifying dye plants and printing plants, work in progress, & dye journals. I intend to spend some time engaged in demonstrating techniques so that visitors have an insight into botanical contact/ecoprint

Sustainable practice is also important to the way I work, so I will encourage people to think about the fabrics they wear and issues surrounding the pollution caused by chemical dyes.

I hope visitors will leave feeling inspired by plants, how the beauty of nature can be transferred to cloth, and the conservation of our wild life habitats.

The studio will have original works from cards and journals to wearable pieces, cushions, lampshades and large-scale wall-hangings to purchase. There will be information about workshops too. Plus tea and cake!