Michael Kusz

Michael Kusz 1


Michael Kusz creates unique sculptures from recycled materials, mainly copper. Growing up in industrial South Wales, with access to all sorts of old tools and materials, nurtured hours of creativity and exploration of materials and processes setting solid foundations for his current work.
He identifies with rooks on a personal level, recapturing the essence of childhood. They are gregarious, mischievous and demonstrate a clear sense of freedom and fun, everything he wants his artworks to express.


Graculus Sculptures,

Studio 6,

Dales Centre,

Silver Street,


DL11 6SP

Price Range

Postcards £1.00

£96 - £32,000


From the centre of Reeth, go 150m up Silver Street (B6270 to Kirkby Stephen). Pass the baker to the right, fire station to left before arriving at the Dales Centre to your right.


Plenty on site


No issues


Public Toilets opposite the Buck Hotel in Reeth


Studio experience

Demonstrations, sketchbooks, video, photograph albums, works in progress, equipment / tools of the trade, pet crow ‘apprentice’

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