Lucy Saggers

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Captivated, from a young age, by the work of photographers such as James Ravilious and more recently Sally Mann and Tish Murtha, Lucy took over thirty years to follow her ambition of being a documentary photographer. Her current personal work, Of Life and Land, centres on stories of daily life around her home village in rural North Yorkshire. Lucy is inspired by the sense of permanence and rootedness resulting from the deep layers of connection and shared history both within a community and between people and their landscape. Working in black and white to focus on composition, texture, and light, she also feels this helps reveal to us the timeless essence of a scene. She would like her work to illustrate the reassuring simple beauty inherent in the unending rhythms of our daily lives, if only we can give the time to see it.


Ford End House

West End


YO62 4DU


The Annexe is set back from Ford End House, West End, Ampleforth, 150m down the hill from White Horse pub (in direction of Wass & Byland Abbey).

Or follow directions on Google Maps to Ford End Bed and Breakfast.


On street or drive


No access issues


On site


Studio experience

The main focus of work on display will be from my recent exhibition, Of Life and Land, previously shown at the Ryedale Folk Museum, Lotte Inch Gallery (York), The Witham (Barnard Castle) and Brewery Arts Centre (Kendal). This ongoing project, made over the last five years, documents the stories of lives and landscapes in and around Ampleforth. Whilst local in subject matter, I hope the themes will resonate universally.

Along with selected exhibition prints, I will also have other landscape photographs, cards and signed copies of my exhibition book on sale.

My cameras, past and present, will be on display, along with my favourite photobooks.

I will be there to tell the stories behind the pictures for anyone still interested, and to discuss the process I use to develop the project, make the photographs, through post-production and, as of this year, the trials and delights of printing my own work.