Kate Smith

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Predominantly working in oils, Kate’s exaggerated use of colour and thick layers of paint, help to build up light and texture in her work.  Taking inspiration from the locality, she draws on her sculptural background that has lead her to develop an impasto application of paint using a palette knife as she would have used tools to carve sculptures.  This has become a fundamental aspect of her style along with a love of local craftsman built traditional fishing boats that are the subjects of much of her recent work.


2 St Hilda’s Terrace,


North Yorkshire

YO21 3AE

Price Range

£250.00 - £1,500


My studio is within my home.  St Hilda’s Terrace lies opposite Pannet Park in the centre of Whitby.  See location plan provided.

On foot, from the swing bridge in the town centre, head up Golden Lion Bank and then up Flowergate, carrying straight on and the park will lie on your left and St Hilda’s Terrace on your right.  No.2 is the second to last property on the terrace just before the roundabout.


The area including my home and studio is a disc parking zone.  The public are allowed to park for up to 3 hours without charge, so long as they display a disc showing their arrival time.  I can make discs available for people who don’t have one.


My studio lies on the first floor in my home and therefore there is a flight of stairs up to it from the ground floor entrance level.

I also plan to display my completed works on the ground floor of the house as a gallery.


I have a WC Cloakroom that can be available for visitors.  Public conveniences are available in the town.


Studio experience

My studio is on the first floor in my home and is a very active workspace. I am lucky enough to have a good-sized Georgian house with lots of natural light and high ceilings to display my (usually) large pieces of work properly and the main reception rooms and hallway make a suitable gallery area.

As well as finished pictures available for sale, I will have various pieces of work in progress from initial blocking out to those awaiting their final touches and I will aim to work whilst visitors are present, so that they can see how I achieve the effects that are key to my style.

I am applying as an emerging artist as I only started painting in 2016, some 25 years after gaining my fine art (sculpture) degree and a I have just been awarded a RAW Talent award as an emerging artist with the Art& organisation, exhibiting at York Racecourse in October 2018.