Harrogate College Presenting the Work of MA Creative Practice Students

Saturday 4th June - 10am - 5pm

Hornbeam Park, Harrogate, HG2 8QT

Directions: Turn right off Hookstone Road from Leeds Road or left off Hookstone Road from Wetherby Road.  Second entrance on the left after the field.

Parking: Parking on site at the front of the building with disabled access through the front entrance.  Toilets on the ground floor.


Email: [email protected]

Hannah Alderson

Ceramics is a new found love of Hannah's after discovering it on the MA course at Harrogate College this academic year. She predominantly works with porcelain, thrown at the wheel and experimenting on developing glazes to add bursts of colour to create a contrast with the pure white of porcelain.

Lisa Lundqvist

Lisa Lundqvist is an eco-artist who uses earth-friendly materials and processes to create pieces that reflect a love and respect for her local natural landscape. These include organically dyed and eco- printed textiles and fine art paintings in oil and cold wax which address the local and global environmental crisis.

Marion Hancock

Marion Hancock makes semi-abstract work inspired by landscape, using collage and mixed media.

Zoe Phillips

Zoe is a trained prop maker whose practice is a hybrid of skills and techniques. Zoe's work focuses on craft and the object. Her current studies explore the 'narrative of the object,

Zoe Nicholson

Zoë’s collaborative installation ‘The air we breathe’, invited the public to demonstrate their own relationship to the earth and air pollution through poetry. The large abstract images represent the artist's interpretation of pollution, and her aim is to evoke an emotional reaction. Painted with handmade earth pigments foraged from the riverbeds of the Nidd.

Catt Van Leijen

To me swimming is compulsive. Water is both chemical and mystery combined, it is intangible. Water has special relevance to my individual art practice. In order to fully comprehend the essence of anything, I believe you should completely immerse yourself; physically, mentally and emotionally. These paintings explore ways in which to depict and express the language and architecture of water and attempt to portray some of the emotions it evokes.

Clare West

Claire West is a painter and printmaker, working mostly in acrylics and lino cut. The aim of her work is to spark joy both in others and herself. As well as exhibiting her work at galleries throughout the UK her paintings are often featured in television programmes.

Clare Paul

Being outside and noticing is good for the soul, and although my work does not interpret what I see, I like to capture what I feel: this may be a sense of calm shown through my softly muted ash glazes and sometimes, as in Spring, a rush of energy displayed with lively majolica brush strokes and vivid colour.

Karen Hood

Karen works in mixed media collage and paint to create abstract work that is inspired by the beauty and fragility of our landscape and seas. She loves to work outside in nature often using bright vivid colours. Her work is intended to create a sense of joy and wellbeing.

Caroline Miekenna

Caroline began illustrating and designing in the days when illustrators and designers drew with pens and pencils and coloured in with markers, paint and crayons. After taking the digital leap she now enjoys mixing the traditional with the digital and getting the best of both worlds.