Patrick Smith

patrick smith 4 Statement Smith has a dual practice both visually and practically. He work across painting and printmaking. His current paintings deal with landscape but are landscapes of the mind whilst his prints tackle motifs as varied as etruscan pottery to constructivist abstraction. Address Nesslyn, West End, Sheriff Hutton YO60 6SH Web FB - PatrickSmith IG - PatrickSmith4254 Email [email protected] Directions Come into Strensall turn left at the Ship Inn Public … Read More →

Emerson Mayes

dav Statement Emerson Mayes is an award-winning painter and printmaker whose work conveys those rare moments we are able to stand still to observe the landscape and the wildlife that surrounds us. Trying to capture that 'direct response' with an integrity to both the subject and the media used is the ultimate aim in all his work. Address Workhouse Framing Spa Court Spa Lane Starbeck Harrogate HG2 7JF Web IG … Read More →

Sarah Garforth

Sarah Garforth 3 Statement Sarah is a landscape oil painter and printmaker taking her influence from the rivers, reservoirs and landscape in Nidderdale. She works in a traditional way collecting reference in sketchbooks which are integral to her work. She is fascinated with mark making, colour and light working in an impasto and sgraffito manner. Her printmaking is predominantly screenprint from drawn artwork and solar plate print. Address Ramsgill Studio, Ramsgill, Harrogate HG3 … Read More →

Jane Burnley

Serendipity Acrylic and oil pastel on board 190 x 140mm Blue Lake 165 x 116mm Oil and cold wax Statement Inspired by colour and landscape, Jane works intuitively in acrylics and mixed media, allowing the paintings to emerge and develop. She uses oil pastel underneath the paint, scratching through layers to the colours below. She mainly paints small abstract landscapes but also paints more spiritual work too. Address 19 Front Street, Sowerby Thirsk YO7 1JG Web IG - @artistjane1 … Read More →

Richard Burnley

Richard Burnley 2 Statement Richard has been making ceramics for several years alongside being a furniture designer and maker. He is now concentrating on ceramics and makes thrown and handbuilt pots which are refined and elegant forms with simple glazes. He also makes male and female torso sculptures. The ceramics will be exhibited with his handmade contemporary furniture Address 19 Front Street, Sowerby Thirsk YO7 1JG Web Email [email protected] Directions Close to St … Read More →

Eric Moss

Eric Moss 3 Statement Eric Moss creates modifiable and ‘nest-able’ one-off sculptural assemblies and arrays in raku and stoneware. Although standalone individual sculptures, they may be combined with others to create a variety of display opportunities. His wheel-thrown, press-moulded, slip-cast and slab-built forms have evolved beyond their inspiration in the natural and industrial worlds. Address 71 Tewit Well Road, Harrogate, HG2 8JL Web FB - ericmossceramics IG - @ericmossceramics Y - ericmossceramics … Read More →