Anna Whitehouse

AWhitehouse 3_Day 92 snowy peaks Statement Utilising scientific imagery and research to inform her studio work, Anna also works on large scale public projects, in collaboration with institutions and venues. Ultimately she strives to create curious objects that spark a childlike sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural world, whilst questioning our place within it. Address Workhouse Framing, Spa Court, Spa Lane, Starbeck, Harrogate HG2 7JF Web FB - @annawhitehouseceramics I - @annawhitehouseceramics … Read More →

Fiona Bowley

IMGWinged Sheep Triumphant_2885 Statement Fiona Bowley uses decorative carving techniques from the classical and medieval worlds to make sculptures of the Sheep that inspire her. She uses layers of pattern and texture to represent their form. Currently, Fiona is embellishing her Sheep with wings and protective armour, celebrating them in memorials that explore scale.   Address 2 Thornton House, Thornton in Craven BD23 3TB Web Facebook: @fionabowley2 Instagram: @fiona.bowley Email Price … Read More →

Moxon and Simm

Debby Moxon and Ian Simm 4 Statement Colourful jewellery in titanium and precious materials. Debby has developed her unique way of colouring titanium over the last 38 years. Currently using semi-precious stone slices to create wall pieces and jewellery, and is developing new titanium range, inspired by the patterns, textures and forms of natural stone.   Address No.1 King Street Workshops the Old Workhouse Pateley Bridge N Yorks HG3 5LE Web  IG - moxonandsimm_ Email … Read More →

Emmeline Butler

Emmeline Butler 6 Statement Emmeline's wheel-thrown textured ceramics reflect the cracks and fissures of limestone pavements for which the Dales is well known, through deep cracking in the surface patterns. Her recent work is inspired by rivers and streams, with streaks of platinum lustre representing the sparkling sunlight glinting off the water's surface. Address 1 Wisp Hill Croft, Moody Sty Lane, Grassington BD23 5NG Website Email Directions From the … Read More →

Mark Butler

Mark Butler 6 Statement Mark is a sculptor working mainly in cast bronze. Although he is using metal - a markedly permanent material - he harnesses chance by using wood or thin wax originals in his castings to create imperfect and fractured pieces, mirroring the impermanence and vulnerability of the environment around him. Address 1 Wisp Hill Croft, Moody Sty Lane, Grassington BD23 5NG Web Email Directions From the … Read More →

Justine Warner

Justine Warner 5 Statement Inspired by the local landscapes of North Yorkshire and Howardian Hills. She creates work predominantly made from recycled ties and fabrics to add texture, colour and pattern. She works by layering and blending materials and by sewing drawings and burning back layers to reveal hints of pattern to add perspective. Address Laburnum Cottage, West End, Sheriff Hutton York YO60 6SH Web IG - justinewarnerartist Email Price Range … Read More →

Patrick Smith

patrick smith 4 Statement Smith has a dual practice both visually and practically. He work across painting and printmaking. His current paintings deal with landscape but are landscapes of the mind whilst his prints tackle motifs as varied as etruscan pottery to constructivist abstraction. Address Nesslyn, West End, Sheriff Hutton YO60 6SH Web FB - PatrickSmith IG - PatrickSmith4254 Email Price Range £43 - £2,100 Directions Come into Strensall turn left … Read More →