Anna Whitehouse

AWhitehouse 5_Day 8 Harry_s dragon


Anna utilises scientific imagery and research to inform her sculptural work. She is currently exploring the concept of 'Manmade Nature' with a focus on mutation, adaption and forced evolution. Ultimately Anna strives to create curious objects that spark a childlike sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural world.


13 Mount Street,




From Leeds: come into Harrogate on the A61 (Leeds Road) M&S will be on your right at the junction. Carry on straight past the line of shops and take the first right at the next lights, between Banardos and Sainsburys local. Studio is on the left opposite the church. I have a bicycle wheel front gate!


On street


2 low steps into house, front door width 81cm


Toilet on ground floor.


Studio experience

Anna’s venue has 2 rooms to explore. The gallery with work displayed to a high gallery standard within a domestic setting. Visitors always love to see the canopy of branches on the ceiling and any new additions to the eclectic interior style.

The studio is the working room and has information on her recent collaborations with Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh and The Himalayan Gardens and Sculpture Park. This includes work in progress, sketchbooks, microscopes, video, photographs, tools, moulds, kilns and test tiles

There is also historical information on the house, which was build 150 years ago for the labourers of the former brickworks sited at the bottom of the road, from the bricks they made. Anna has dug out and processed this clay to use for projects and has old maps and photographs of the area, including the brickworks site.